Sacred Spaces

Our Ceremony Space is available for rental, events, and collaborations.

Sacred Spaces For Ceremonies

While enjoying a coffee at PMC, roam around the house to discover the sacred ceremony space on the second floor. The ceremony space is home to several plant magic events for mind, body, and soul healing.

Sacred Spaces Available For Team Meetings

Our Sacred Spaces include a large office space, a talk therapy office, a massage therapy space, and our premier ceremony space. Our sacred spaces offer a variety of seating options, wall space use, white boards, office desks, and more to meet all your team collaboration and team development needs as they arise. 

Contact Us To Reserve Your Sacred Space Rental

Our sacred spaces are available for rental from 7am to 10pm. Submit your email to receive a brochure with a blueprint of our sacred spaces and rental pricing for Spring 2023.

An Enchanting Coffee Shop Serving Magic Lattes

Open Daily @ 925 East 17th Ave

Monday – Sunday: 8am – 3:30pm


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